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We are the UK’s exclusive distributors of Gerda’s ALTUS Aluminium residential doors. As an installer, you can become a trade partner today by speaking to our Essex team.


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Total Security

The ALTUS Series of entrance doors achieve class RC3 for anti-burglary. This makes them incredibly secure for the homeowner. They can have peace of mind when you install Gerda’s doors.

No Warping

Unlike composite doors or other systems featuring timber, there is no warping with Gerda doors. They are fully metal, ensuring they never distort within their framework over time.

Superbly Engineered

Gerda have been manufacturing each individual component that goes into their doors for over 30 years. The ALTUS Series is backed by decades of engineering and innovation.

Trust the Experience

The ALTUS Series from Gerda is the leading entrance door in their incredible range. It comfortably competes with even the highest end options on the market, reimagining standards for the homeowner. They are an absolute feat of engineering.




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The Flagship

The ALTUS Series from Gerda is simply sublime. Inside and out is a future proofed entrance door that your customers can enjoy for generations. It delivers a comprehensive performance while being easy for you to fit as the installer.



Burglary Resistance

RC3 & PAS 24

Door Sizes

Width 920mm - 1250mm | Height 2010mm - 2400mm***

Leaf Thickness



Thermal Rating

rating svg
0.74 - 0.81W / m²K

Being the leading model of the four we exclusively distribute across the UK; the ALTUS Series’ performance is the best. U-values can be as low as 0.74 W/m2K depending on the homeowner’s choice of design. Soundproofing and security are similarly outstanding.

*** Door sizes do not include extra side or top panels. Complete doors over 2200mm are only available in a selection of colours and are not tested for security and weather performance.


We distribute ALTUS Series doors is an array of colours. From the subtle to the striking, your homeowners will have a plethora of choice when you work with Pioneer. Speak to us our Essex team about the colours available or view some of our favourites here.






Cream RAL Doors

RAL 1015

RAL 7016

Black RAL Colour Doors

RAL 7021

RAL Colour Doors

RAL 9016

By manufacturing all their hardware themselves, Gerda ensure their hardware is of the highest possible quality. Whichever handle your homeowner selects will be sure to offer security and ease of operation for decades to come. They can even upgrade to tedee smart locks too.


tedee Smart Lock

Smart Lock tedee

Door Handles

Door Handles

Gerda TD 200

Gerda TD 200

Alex Handle

Alex Handle







Frequently Asked Questions

Find some of our FAQs relating to the ALTUS Series and our business here. Contact us directly using our online form if you have any other questions.

Are these doors better than composite systems?

They are. Most composite doors you could install will have timber or uPVC components, both of which are subpar to the ALTUS Series. It is made from a unique combination of aluminium and steel. As a result, they offer all the same benefits without the drawbacks of warping or rotting over time.


It is Gerda’s own brand of smart door hardware.

Gerda wanted to offer smart hardware with their range of entrance doors, but didn’t settle for creating something average. In fact, tedee is the smallest smart lock on the market, making it incredibly discrete when fitted. It is supported by Gerda’s modular door cylinder and can be accessed anywhere through a homeowner’s smartphone.

It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices as well.


If you become a trade partner of ours and install the ALTUS Series, you’ll be offering one of the most secure entrance doors on the market, period. It tests to class RC3 for anti-burglary, the highest score achievable.

The ALTUS Series can feature a five bolt lock or a three bolt automatic lock, both of which are incredibly durable. They protect the entire perimeter of the door, minimising weak spots and providing peace of mind for the homeowner.


We distribute the Gerda entrance door range throughout the UK. Whether you’re local to us in Chelmsford, Essex or much further afield, we can get the ALTUS Series door to you.

The only way to have Gerda entrance doors supplied to you is to work with Pioneer. We’re the exclusive distributors of the industry leading ALTUS Series. You can become a trade partner of ours today by contacting our Essex team.


Altus door costs
ALTUS Series Construction Details
88mm leaf thickness as standard
88mm leaf thickness as standard
High quality overlay hinge for ease of operation
High quality overlay hinge for ease of operation
Anti-Prizing Bolt
Compatible with tedee smart hardware
Insulated low aluminium threshold
Insulated low aluminium threshold
Secure locks, bolts and fixings for RC3 security
Secure locks, bolts and fixings for RC3 security

ALTUS Series Construction Details

Even under microscopic inspection, you’ll struggle infinitely to find a weakness in the ALTUS Series. Gerda manufacture each individual element themselves, including hardware, here in the UK. They are the only company to do that.

In doing so, they can ensure there is no lapse in quality or area of compromise. From top to bottom, inside and out, the ALTUS Series is the best entrance door available.


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