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Based in Essex, we install smart locks to the range of Gerda doors that we distribute nationwide. Become a trade partner of ours by applying today.

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The tedee smart lock is the smallest of its kind in the entire world. These discrete aesthetics perfectly complement the stylish design of Gerda’s entrance doors.


Based on average usage, the tedee smart lock should only needing charging once or twice a year. It requires very little energy to operate thanks to a powerful remote battery.


The smart locks we distribute for Gerda have a 256-bit security key and are always supported by robust cylinders and multi point locks. Innovation need not compromise actual security.

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As part of our relationship as Gerda’s exclusive UK distributors, we offer their tedee smart lock system to our trade partners. Available with each of the four entrance doors that we supply, tedee is an industry leading smart lock. With a tedee fitted homeowners can step into the future of home security.

Gerda Doors


The OPTIMA Series may be Gerda’s entry level door, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. In fact, it comfortably outperforms any door at a comparative price point. They are stylish, secure and perfect for the tedee smart lock.

Thermo prime front door


The THERMO PREMIUM Series can be effortlessly entered by the homeowner thanks to tedee. The discrete smart lock complements the stylish aesthetics and secure design. Your homeowners are getting an excellent door with this series.

THERMO PRIME front Doors


Style and reliability are watchwords for the THERMO PRIME Series. They are energy efficient and the ideal entrance door for innovative smart hardware. The THERMO PRIME Series has a wide array of stylish designs, with something for every home.

ALTUS Series front door

ALTUS Series

The ALTUS Series is Gerda’s leading entrance door model. It is the thickest of all four, naturally translating to a higher standard of security. When their smart lock is also fitted, homeowners can have absolute peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some questions about tedee, Gerda doors and our own business here. Got something else to ask? Speak to our team today.

Are these doors available with normal locks?

They are. While the Gerda door range is fantastic when installed with tedee smart locks, they are equally fantastic when opened with a manual key. Homeowners can select which they’d prefer and which best suits their budget.

Homeowners manage their tedee smart lock via a smartphone app. This app is available on both Android and Apple devices, making it accessible for everyone. There, they can access an activity log, remotely control the lock and can receive personalised notifications.

The tedee smart lock is powered by an incredibly powerful yet small battery. In fact, it is the smallest smart lock on the market thanks to this. The tedee system is then configured to work with the customer’s home WiFi, and they’re secure!

We are based in Essex and supply these smart locks and the Gerda door range nationwide.

Absolutely. uPVC is weak and composite doors often feature timber, which is susceptible to warp and rot and the like. Being made entirely from metal, the Gerda door range never suffers from these issues. They are robust, energy efficient and maintain their original shape for longer.

They do not; everything is made in-house. From their tedee smart locks to the handles, locks and cylinders, Gerda only fit what they manufacture themselves into these entrance doors. This has an array of benefits for both you and your customers.

Firstly, the hardware is always the best and quality control is immaculate. There’s less chance of hardware arriving damaged or receiving callouts regarding the smart lock from your customers. It also makes the doors much better for the environment. Components aren’t shipped over from across the world, minimising air miles.

We’re always looking to add established installers to our network of trade partners. If you have a showroom that can display these Gerda doors and the tedee smart lock here in the UK, apply today and a member of our Essex team will reach out.

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