Polish Doors for the UK Market

Polish Doors for the UK Market

Polish Doors for the UK Market

Polish Gerda doors

A Unique Approach to Security and Design

Amidst the vast array of entrance doors, Gerda Doors from Poland stand out by using steel and aluminum facings, mounted on engineered aluminum frames, and insulated with PU. Unlike traditional perceptions of metal-skinned doors, Gerda’s designs showcase both impressive security features and elegant, contemporary aesthetics, including the quintessentially British Hawkstone door.

Gerda door locks

Unrivaled Security and Thermal Efficiency for the UK

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Pioneer Trading, Gerda Doors offer market-leading thermal efficiency and security unparalleled at its price point. The cross-range specification includes multi-point locks, anti-burglary vertical bolts, three-bolt main locks, anti-theft pins, and optional auxiliary locks for added security. Achieving thermal performance as low as 0.8 W/m² K for solid doors, Gerda Doors anticipate and exceed the upcoming U value requirements in the Building Regulations.

Gerda’s commitment to detail is evident in the provision of keys for every door. With two installer keys and five homeowner keys supplied separately in a sealed pack, the unique feature renders installer keys useless after the homeowner’s first use. This attention to detail sets Gerda apart in the industry.

Innovative Solutions: Tedee Smart Lock

Gerda’s commitment to innovation extends to the Tedee smart lock, recognized as the world’s smallest smartphone-controlled door lock. This advanced smart-security solution retains conventional key-locking using existing lock cylinder and hardware, providing reassurance to users while embracing modern technology.

Tedee smart lock

Tailored to British Tastes

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of locks and security products, Gerda in Poland partners with Pioneer Trading to customize its residential door range for British preferences in colours and designs. Gerda’s collaboration ensures compliance with UK and Irish performance standards, introducing styles like the Hawkstone classic four-panel glazed door to cater to the diverse tastes of the UK market.

Gerda Hawkstone door
Hawkstone Door

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