Are Gerda Doors Insulated?

Are Gerda Doors Insulated?

Are Gerda Doors Insulated?

As distributors of the entire line of residential doors from Gerda in the UK, Pioneer delivers four different types of Gerda doors that come with insulated features that can be noted down. Let’s look into these doors to determine the exact properties that make these doors extra insulated and secure.

Starting with the OPTIMA Series, get ready for your house to outperform most others in anti-burglary testing. They can protect your home from worst-case scenarios like burglary and weather damage with a variety of unique innovations.

And, here is the good news! In contrast to uPVC and composite doors made with timber cores, Gerda’s OPTIMA Series will never warp. Even under the harshest conditions, the steel and aluminium alloy will maintain its shape. The residential door collection from Gerda only includes entrance doors of the highest calibre. These doors feature cutting-edge engineering and inventiveness, from carefully designed hardware to the use of recycled materials.

This is where insulation steps in with a thermal rating of 1 point – 1 point 3 W / m2K, the doors provide effective insulation and lower heat loss to ensure additional insulation.

Next up is the THERMO PREMIUM Series. Like our OPTIMA Series, these doors prevent advanced break-in methods, achieving anti-burglary class RC3.

No damage occurs. Contrary to uPVC and composite doors, Gerda entry doors never warp, heightening their insulating efficiency.

Because steel and aluminium are combined, there won’t be any warping or rotting even in the worst weather. They are exquisitely made and expertly engineered with accuracy to provide you with a unique and creative product made from recycled materials and combined with Gerda hardware. They provide excellent insulation and defence against the outside environment with a thermal rating of 1 point 1 W/m2 K – 0 point 8 W. high-performance. Security is the guiding principle behind the THERMO PRIME Series. They pass the RC3 anti-burglary test because of numerous effective innovations. They keep safe homes so that people can live in peace.

In contrast to composite doors, which may bow or distort with time, they don’t warp and can keep their shape for many years.

With carefully crafted hardware and other cutting-edge innovations, they have excellent engineering. They pass the RC3 burglary resistance test, have a thermal rating of 0 point79–0 point9 W/ m2K, and are burglar-resistant.

The ATLUS Series of entrance doors achieve security by passing the RC3 anti-burglary test. This greatly increases the homeowner’s sense of security. Gerda’s doors must be installed before they can rest comfortably. Because they are entirely made of metal, they do not warp and maintain their structural integrity over time.

There is a lot of resistance to break-ins because of effective engineering structures. Your home’s insulation and soundproofing are guaranteed by its thermal rating of 0.74-0.81 W/m2K!

It’s good to keep in mind that doors without extra side or top panels are not measured. Only a few colours and untested for weather and security are available for complete doors over 2200mm.


With top-score thermal ratings and material engineering, Gerda doors come with strong insulation and are ready to protect you against the coldest temperatures! Still, we study your property carefully to determine the security and design requirements will be the one that complements your home the best.

By joining forces with Pioneer’s trading partners, you are teaming up with the UK’s sole distributors of Gerda’s range of residential doors. Installers should contact our Essex team as soon as possible if they are interested in becoming a trade partner. If you’re interested in installing the ALTUS Series entrance door in your service area, get in touch with us to talk about trading.

Why not use the online tool on our website can locate the nearby registered installer for any of the four insulated residential door series offered by Gerda?

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