What are the benefits of becoming an Approved Installer with Pioneer?

What are the benefits of becoming an Approved Installer with Pioneer?

What are the benefits of becoming an Approved Installer with Pioneer?

There is a range of benefits to becoming an installer with Pioneer, including being part of an exclusive UK distribution network. Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Who Are Pioneer?

Based at our Chelmsford, Essex facility, Pioneer is a highly experienced distributor of exceptional quality home improvement products. We are the only UK business distributing Gerda’s front entrance residential doors, and that exclusivity as a distributor is thanks to our reliable service and over 30 years of experience.

At Pioneer, our customer service values and standards extend to our carefully curated trade partner network. Apply to become an Approved Installer today here, or find out more about what we can do for you below.

About Gerda Doors?

Founded in 1987 with a mission to deliver state-of-the-art performance, Gerda has been the market leader in residential entrance doors for decades. Gerda doors are a collection of robust and superbly engineered residential front doors. The collection includes the OPTIMA, THERMO PREMIUM, THERMO PRIME, and ALTUS series. They offer some of the best security on the market with expertly made hardware and are made of durable steel and aluminium. Unlike composite, uPVC, and timber doors, Gerda doors won’t rot or warp, making them consistently perform at their best. 

Each door is highly customisable and capable of incredibly low U-values, with the unmatched ALTUS series achieving a rating as low as 0.74 W/M2K. Even amidst the harshest weather conditions, homeowners won’t have to be concerned about their front door sustaining damage or wear. The steel and aluminium alloy doesn’t rust or bend, and the intelligently designed insulation features keep cold draughts and outside sounds at bay.

Additionally, Gerda doors are skilfully crafted to incorporate recycled materials to ensure a sustainable business practice, environmentally friendly and kind to the environment.

They offer four stunning front door ranges, each offering a host of unique benefits that match a range of prices, allowing any homeowner to benefit from their bespoke products. At Pioneer, we proudly distribute all four product ranges across the UK to our hand-picked Approved installers.

What Are The Benefits?

All Approved Pioneer Installers can take advantage of a host of valuable benefits, we have listed a few below, but you can contact our professional Essex team directly at 01245 362236 for more information about our available installer membership options.

Exclusive Quality

The immediate benefit of becoming an Approved Installer for Pioneer is gaining access to an exclusive range of Gerda doors. As an Approved Installer, you can offer your customers residential doors that deliver next-generation performance and style. Additionally, you will have an exclusive area/zone in which you operate, receiving leads provided by www.gerdadoors.co.uk without any competition from other Pioneer Approved Installers.

Extensive Support

Those who successfully register as an Approved Installer will receive social media marketing support, which includes ready-to-share content and expert advice on best practises to effectively target customers in their local area.

Marketing Material

As an Approved Installer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a supply of printed and digital retail brochures that showcase the impressive range of Gerda doors. In addition, you will be granted the use of the Approved Installer logo, along with access to stock photography, videos, and digitally created artwork to enhance your marketing materials.

Bespoke Landing Web Page

Pioneer will create and supply a full website landing page for a total value of £800, with £400 subsidised by Pioneer. This landing page will be featured on the www.gerdadoors.co.uk website.

We have an interactive “Find Dealer” function that automatically directs customers to their nearest installer and showcases your bespoke landing page. This dedicated webpage will provide comprehensive details about the services you offer, including your catchment areas, opening hours, and address. Additionally, it will feature a convenient contact form that allows customers to connect directly with you.

By becoming an approved installer, you gain exclusive access to leads in your local area, which will be conveniently delivered to you via email and accessible through your Leads dashboard (please refer to the Leads Dashboard below).

Leads Dashboard

All partners will operate within their locally agreed areas, ensuring that leads generated by www.gerdadoors.co.uk are exclusively sent to the approved installer assigned to that specific area. This approach ensures that our partnered installers do not compete with other Pioneer Approved Installers.

As an Approved Installer, you will have administrative access to a database of leads provided by Pioneer. Our user-friendly leads dashboard simplifies the process of marking, managing, and acting on potential prospects. With this comprehensive lead dashboard, you can effortlessly track all your leads in one centralised location.

How Do I Become An Installer?

To become an Approved Installer of our exclusive range, certain standards must be met, which include:

  • A showroom to purchase and display the Gerda doors.
  • Investment in the bespoke landing page to feature on the Gerda doors website £800 – £400 subsidy = £400 Total.

To learn more about becoming a trusted installer of Gerda residential doors, please fill out the online form on our website Join our network. A dedicated member of the Pioneer team will promptly get in touch with you to provide further information and support.

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Apply now to become an installer with Pioneer on our website. Contact our Essex team directly at 01245 362236, or email us at sales@pioneertc.com.

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