Is a Residential Door Worth It?

Is a Residential Door Worth It?

Is a Residential Door Worth It?

A new residential door or the front door can be purchased in aluminium, PVCu, wood, composite doors, or hybrid materials. All of these materials offer safe, useful, and dependable residential doors whether they are used as a front door, porch door, side door, or back door.

Here is our guide to purchasing a new entry door, along with an explanation of what each material offers.

No matter the material, when purchasing a new residential door, you have a choice of price, styling, sightlines, and colour, and checking all these off your list can make for a wonderful and long-lasting investment for your property.

Increased security

Residential doors are now more secure than ever, with a wider variety of opening, locking, and operating options thanks to advancements in design and hardware technology over the years. As a result, if you upgrade your door with any of the newest products, you’ll get the most modern hardware for fingerprint identification, surveillance, and home automation system connectivity.

Even if you don’t require this level of technology, a new door gives you more locking points, a better, more secure design, components made to withstand an attack, the most recent glass technology, and a wider variety of styles, designs, and colours than older models. A new entry door’s components are all made to last a lot longer as well.

Reduced energy costs and enhanced thermal and acoustic performance

Residential doors perform somewhat better than your new windows despite the numerous sales messages about the energy efficiency of new windows.

You can get some of the lowest U-Values and some of the best door energy ratings by using thick thermal panels or door slabs, whether they are solid or combined with glass. If you replace an old door with one of the newest models, you’ll immediately notice a warmer and more welcoming hallway as well as noticeable improvements if your front door opens directly into your living space. Better sound insulation is a side effect of this thermal performance.

Significant Design Changes

Doors now come in a variety of substantial styles thanks to years of ongoing product improvements.

As a result, the majority of materials are available in both modern and traditional styles. There are some materials that skew more one way than the other. Doors made of steel, aluminium, or hybrid materials lean more modern. Timber or composite doors favour the conventional. But generally speaking, any material offers a meaningful choice.

Better yet, modern handles and hardware eliminate the need for the conventional lock and handle as a single unit. Compared to earlier models, you can even find architectural-grade handles in a variety of sizes, styles, and metals, which improve the appearance of the front door.


If you’re wondering whether a new residential door is worth it, the answer is yes. A new residential door lasts longer than earlier models thanks to improved and stricter quality standards, a more robust design, and improvements in product testing.

The glass, material quality, paint coatings, and generally better components make new front doors more dependable and dependable with less maintenance as well, making it an excellent investment for your home!

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