How Weatherproof Are Gerda Doors?

How Weatherproof Are Gerda Doors?

How Weatherproof Are Gerda Doors?

All four of our Gerda door series contain properties that make them weatherproof doors and capable of protecting your home from damage, even amidst the harshest weather conditions. Let’s explore these features so that you make your decision to invest in Gerda door wisely.

The OPTIMA Series is the first type of door, and these doors offer extremely high levels of security. Gerda’s OPTIMA Series entry doors outperform most others in anti-burglary testing. They can protect your home from worst-case scenarios like burglary and weather-related damage with a variety of unique innovations. In contrast to uPVC and composite doors made with timber cores, Gerda’s OPTIMA Series will never warp.

Even under the toughest weather conditions in the UK, the steel and aluminium alloy will maintain its shape. Only the best entry doors from Gerda’s residential door collection are available; they feature cutting-edge engineering and inventiveness, from skillfully crafted hardware to the use of recycled materials.

They have a thermal rating of 1 point to 1 point 3 W/m2K, which promotes effective insulation and reduces heat loss.

You can rest knowing you’re in good hands when THERMO PREMIUM doors are installed in your home. They are safe and resistant to modern break-in techniques, and they can achieve anti-burglary class RC3.

Most importantly, these doors won’t see any warping. Unlike composite and uPVC doors, Gerda entry doors never warp, making them strongly resistant to weather damage.

The combination of steel and aluminium will prevent any damage even in the worst weather. They are exquisitely designed, expertly engineered, and precisely manufactured to give the homeowner a truly innovative product made from recycled materials and combined with Gerda hardware. They provide effective insulation and defence against the outside environment with a thermal rating of 1 point 1 W/m2 K – 0 point 8 W. high-performance. Security is a key component of the THERMO PRIME Series. They pass the RC3 anti-burglary test because of numerous effective innovations. They keep safe homes so that people can live in peace.

They won’t warp and can keep their shape for many years, unlike composite doors, which may bow or distort over time.

With carefully crafted hardware and other cutting-edge innovations, they have excellent engineering. They pass the RC3 test, are burglar-proof, and have a thermal rating of 0 point79–0 point9 W/ m2K.

The entrance doors from the ATLUS Series have achieved security by passing the RC3 anti-burglary test. The homeowner is now very secure thanks to this. They can relax once you install Gerda’s doors. They won’t warp, and because they are entirely made of metal, they can withstand time without losing their structural integrity.

Strong resistance to break-ins has been built into effective engineering. Your home will be soundproofed and insulated thanks to its thermal rating of 0.74-0.81 W/m2K.

Additional side or top panels are not counted when measuring doors. Only a few colours and non-weather- and security-tested complete doors over 2200mm are available.

Final Thoughts

Gerda doors are significantly weatherproof and equipped with features that make them resist elemental damage. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, foggy or stormy, we’ve got you covered!

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